Alan Ball is more comfortable

IRVING -- One of the big problems with Alan Ball in 2010 was the position he was playing.

He moved from cornerback to free safety and didn't play as well. He gave up seven touchdowns and at times seemed to have trouble playing the ball. As the season progressed, Ball got better, however, in the offseason the Cowboys moved him to cornerback. Ball was drafted as a cornerback out of Illinois because of his long arms, speed and athletic ability.

Ball is back at corner and has had a very good preseason.

"I feel more comfortable," Ball said. "For me to play my whole [year] at one position and go another it's something I can do cause I consider myself a good athlete. It's one of those things. I'm back at corner and I feel comfortable."

Ball said he didn't lose confidence at all last season, and secondary coach Dave Campo said during training camp he noticed a difference in Ball. He came into training camp with some confidence because he was about to play a position he's custom to being at.

Sunday night Ball could start with injuries to Terence Newman and Mike Jenkins. Newman appears to be out with his groin injury but Jenkins is looking better and said he was "good to go" regarding his hyperextended left knee.

"It's one of those things and part of the NFL, knowing your role," he said. "My role right now is to come in certain packages

and if somebody goes down I am going to have to go in. It's part of the game and something I have been doing since my first year, being available and being ready."