Five-star answer: Defense still adjusting

This week's question: Can Dallas hold the Jets under their 2010 rushing average per game?

The Cowboys struggled against the run in the preseason mainly because of quirks in their defensive line play. The linemen are being asked to move more across the line of scrimmage and the safeties are not helping against the run.

Once the Cowboys make this adjustment, it should allow a nose tackle like Jay Ratliff to make more plays on the ball or open the door for inside linebackers Bradie James and Keith Brooking to make tackles.

The Jets have a strong running game, led by Shonn Greene on first and second downs, and then third-down back LaDainian Tomlinson. The Cowboys' inside linebackers are older, and we're not sure if they can consistently stop the run.

So no, it's not going to happen. The Jets will run for more than their 2010 average.