Jason Garrett: Tony Romo will rebound

IRVING, Texas - On Sunday night Tony Romo took the blame for the Cowboys’ 27-24 loss to the New York Jets. On Monday teammates defended the quarterback and the head coach said Romo will bounce back.

“Certainly, the quarterback is the most scrutinized position on the field and Tony did a lot of great things throughout that ball game last night, really played very, very well and then made a couple of critical mistakes,” Jason Garrett said. “He’s a guy who has had a lot of success as our quarterback. He’s a guy that’s helped us get a lot of leads in the fourth quarter throughout his career. He’s done a great job keeping some of those leads or most or the large majority of those leads throughout his career. Sometimes it goes the other way. He’s not the only quarterback this happens to. A lot of great quarterbacks who have played in this organization and played throughout the league have had similar things happen to them late in ball games. And hopefully Tony will learn from this experience. There’s no question in my mind he will learn from this experience.”

Romo had a fumble at the Jets 3 when the Cowboys were leading by a touchdown and an interception that led to New York’s game-winning field goal.

Since Garrett arrived in 2007 the coach has worked on maintaining Romo’s playmaking while cutting back on some of the impulse decisions.

“I think that’s probably 32 quarterbacks in the NFL,” Garrett said. “That’s an ongoing battle for everybody to continue to understand how aggressive you need to be, understanding game situations, understanding decision making. That’s an ongoing process for guys throughout their career. I think the better players get the more aggressive they tend to be. I think if you look back to the great quarterbacks to have played in this league, they all had an aggressive spirit to them. The best ones are able to balance that with, I don’t want to say a more conservative approach, but a better understanding of game situations and risk/reward and all of that. Quarterbacks are not always right. The game happens fast. There’s a lot of decisions that they have to make. Not only do they have to make decisions, they have to make good physical plays as well. Sometimes you can be making an aggressive decision but if you throw the ball properly in its right location or a location where only your guy can get it, that aggressive decision is nullified if you will.”