Cowboys had headset issues Sunday

IRVING, Texas -- If there seemed to be some confusion offensively on the Cowboys’ sideline Sunday night, there was.

Jason Garrett confirmed that there were a few times the coach-to-quarterback communication system did not work. The Cowboys had two delay-of-game penalties on offense vs. the Jets after having two all of last year on offense. They had two delay penalties on special teams in 2010.

“That’s the nature of the National Football League,” Garrett said of the system not working. “Sometimes that happens. It seems to happen a lot on the road. You’ve just got to fight your way through that. Tony has a good understanding, being able to get some plays called if it’s not coming in clean. But that happened a few times in the game. We had to adjust, and a couple of times it did make us look a little sloppy getting out of the huddle because he wasn’t getting the call like he typically does.”

The Cowboys are on the road again this week at San Francisco. It couldn’t happen two weeks in a row, could it?