Jason Garrett praises Mike Jenkins' toughness

IRVING, Texas -- Mike Jenkins missed most of training camp with a stinger. Then a week ago he suffered a hyperextended knee in practice. In Sunday’s game he aggravated that stinger with a tackle of Shonn Greene in the first half and left the game in the fourth quarter following a blind-side block from Plaxico Burress sprained his left shoulder.

But Jenkins returned. Much has been said about Jenkins whiffing on tackles against the New York Giants as a rookie and Green Bay last year, but coach Jason Garrett thought Jenkins’ show of toughness was impressive.

“If you’re a coach or player on a football team and a guy’s doing that, just putting it on the line, fighting through some things, that’s inspirational,” Garrett said. “It’s really a positive thing for your football team and again we wouldn’t have put him out there if we felt we were endangering or injuring himself any further. It’s a guy being a tough football player and I think we have a lot of guys on the team who have those capabilities and they’re growing in their maturity and understanding of the importance of doing those kinds of things and Jenks is no exception to that.”

Jenkins was credited by the coaches with three tackles and two pass deflections. Burress caught only one pass on him – a 2-yard hitch after Jenkins returned from the shoulder injury.