Brian Billick: Dez Bryant has got to grow up

Fox analyst and former NFL coach Brian Billick talks Cowboys with Galloway & Company's Ian Fitzsimmons.

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On Dez Bryant’s potential

Gotta wait and see. You see the flashes of brilliance, but you’ve got to see the consistency. He’s got to show he can stay healthy. He’s got to show that he’s not going to leave his quarterback vulnerable. He’s got the physical talent, no question about it, but can he truly become a professional? He’s not a No. 1 yet. He has that potential. But right now you see a lot of youth and immaturity in him, and he’s got to grow up.

Would he use Bryant to return punts?

I’m into winning games. And unless he’s an absolute No. 1 on the outside – which he’s not yet – I’m going to use him any way I can. But if he is injury prone, and if Jerry [Jones] said he’s not particularly thrilled to see him with punts … I’m going to go out on a limb here and bet we don’t see him in punt returns.