Jason Witten a model for Vernon Davis

IRVING, Texas -- Over the last two years, Jason Witten and San Francisco tight end Vernon Davis have developed a relationship from playing together in Pro Bowls and taking part in a USO Tour to southwest Asia.

“He was probably the first guy that kind of said to me, ‘I remember watching you when I came in the league,’” Witten said. “I was thinking, ‘Man, I was always the young guy.’ It’s good just because being able to watch some tape, that guy has some rare ability to stretch the field. We’ve seen that the last two years. He’s come on a lot. I respect how he plays the game.”

Only two years separate Witten and Davis, but this is Witten’s ninth season and Davis’ sixth. Witten said he remembers chasing around Tony Gonzalez seeking knowledge at his first few Pro Bowls.

On the USO trip, Witten and Davis would talk football.

“It’s one of those things where you tell a little and you keep a little,” Witten said. “I didn’t want to tell it all to him. But he asked a lot of questions. I had good questions for him, too, plays he likes. Football wasn’t the priority when we were over there, but sitting around at night time with no television that’s where the talks went.”