Rob Ryan is tired of losing

SAN FRANCISCO -- Rob Ryan, the Cowboys defensive coordinator, was part of two Super Bowl title teams with the New England Patriots. He is considered one of the brightest defensive minds in the NFL.

After leaving the Patriots following the 2003 season, Ryan became a defensive coordinator in Oakland and then with the Cleveland Browns.

While developing talent, Ryan has been part of seven consecutive losing seasons between the Raiders and the Browns.

And after the Cowboys' 27-24 Week 1 loss to the New York Jets, Ryan wasn't very happy.

"It's the unfortunate part of this business," Ryan said. "Last few years lost a lot of games and really sick of it. So they're harder. Each loss seems to be harder if you stay in it long enough. I'm here to win and I know we’re going to win and we're good enough to win and we've just got to step it up and keep them out of the end zone."

In Week 1, Ryan needed to mix and match in the secondary when he lost both his starting cornerbacks to injuries. He played Sean Lee almost every defensive snap and made some changes along the defensive line, moving Jason Hatcher into a starting role over Marcus Spears.

So much happened in Week 1, but Ryan has gotten over it and is focused on the 49ers, whom the Cowboys play Sunday.

"The best thing we did was our communication was excellent," Ryan said of his defense. "It was where it needed it to be, like we knew it was going to be. We played fast and that’s what you have to do in this league and the worst thing we did I think, when we got injured, we couldn’t go with our full gambit of our defense. We tried something with some guys that weren’t starters in those packages and we moved them around and we got burned on a bad play there. So it's just bringing everybody up to speed and when one guy goes down, the next guy has to pick up the defense, the same way they found it."