In the clutch, Tony Romo to Jason Witten

IRVING, Texas -- Many times in his career Jason Witten has referenced the Troy Aikman-to-Jay Novacek connection in the 1990s when everybody inside the stadium knew Novacek would get a ball and still get it.

On fourth-and-5 from the San Francisco 34 with 7:37 to play was there any doubt Tony Romo would go to Witten for a first down with the game on the line?

Witten was double teamed on the play but safety Donte Whitner allowed him to get outside so Romo had a lane for a 9-yard connection.

“I knew it was coming,” Witten said after the game. “Third down was kind of a messed up play call and we didn’t communicate it well. There was a lot of bracketing going on in there once they knew Dez was out, but coming back to fourth down I saw Whitner come down and it was cover one, so I knew that it was my route. I was just hoping Tony could get it there.”

Romo swears he didn’t pre-determine his thought pre-snap.

“It’s about the coverage,” Romo said. “It’s about what they’re playing and who’s going to get it. We’ve got options, but I saw the coverage and his guy had inside leverage.”

One play later Romo hit Miles Austin for a 25-yard touchdown pass that cut San Francisco’s lead to 24-21 with 6:55 to play.