Concussion tests for 49ers quarterback

For the second consecutive week, hits delivered by Cowboys defenders on opposing quarterbacks have led to a team testing their signal-caller for a concussion.

In Week 1, New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez was tested for a concussion, and now San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith had to be tested following the Sunday game.

"Tough son of a gun," 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said Wednesday before Smith's concussion became public according to The Sacramento Bee. "He was making some big-time plays. I think we talked about it after each of these games, definitely watch the tape and see the same thing. Pleased with the way Alex is playing and we definitely want to play better. He wants to, we want to, and that goes for all positions on the offensive side of the ball, and include coaching in that. We're striving to do it all better."

Sanchez told ESPN Radio's New York affiliate last week that the team "checked my baseline tests and compared it to my balance test and everything now."

Sanchez was ruled fine by Jets officials, and it appears the same has happened to Smith.

This week, the Cowboys take on Rex Grossman and the Washington Redskins.

Dallas leads the NFL with 10 sacks through two weeks.