Tony Romo: If they target me, I'll target them

IRVING, Texas -- DeAngelo Hall's threat to take shots at Tony Romo's ribs didn't quite ruffle the franchise quarterback's feathers.

"I mean, that's what people do," Romo said. "If they're able to get a clean shot on my ribs consistently throughout the game, then we're probably not doing that well anyway.

"I'm sure we'll target whoever's targeting my ribs in the passing game."

By that, Romo meant he was confident in the Cowboys' ability to burn the blitz. If Hall wants to come on corner blitzes, that's fine by Romo.

"If he's blitzing, that means he's not covering," Romo said. "So we'll attack whoever is covering his guy."

Romo is too politically correct to point out that the next vicious hit delivered by Hall would be the first of the finesse cornerback' eight-year career.