A look at Rob Ryan vs. Mike Shanahan

ARLINGTON, Texas -- From 2004-08 Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan had to prepare for a Mike Shanahan offense twice a year when he was running Oakland’s defense and Shanahan was running the Broncos’.

After a two-year hiatus, they are back in the same division again and will face off on Monday.

“We’ve gone against each other over the years so you get a feel for what he’s done,” Shanahan said. “Not only with the Raiders, with Cleveland, obviously what he’s done in the preseason. He’s got the same feeling for me as well.”

The Raiders went 4-6 vs. Shanahan during that time frame. Ryan’s defense picked up nine sacks in 10 games and allowed less than 250 yards passing seven times. On third downs, the Broncos converted 44 percent of the time.

“It’s well documented how great of a coach he is and his son there. We’re ready to go – we’ve faced him a lot,” Ryan said. “I think he used to run score up on me when I was young, but we’re looking forward to the challenge.”