Detailing Dez Bryant: Week 3

Dez Bryant’s development will be one of the more interesting, important storylines for the Cowboys this season, so we will track it on a throw-by-throw basis the Wednesday after each game.

10-YARD GAIN: On second-and-6 from the Cowboys 24, Bryant lines up wide left with DeAngelo Hall playing six yards off him and runs a smoke route. Bryant cuts inside Hall after making the catch and drags Hall for the eight yards. Hall needs help from OLB Brian Orakpo to take down Bryant.

3-YARD GAIN: On second-and-9 from the Redskins 20, Bryant lines up wide left with Kevin Ogletree as the slot and runs a quick screen, taking two steps upfield and coming back toward the ball. Bryant runs tentatively into Ogletree’s back and is tackled after a 3-yard gain by London Fletcher, who beat Phil Costa’s block.

20-YARD GAIN: On third-and-9 from the Cowboys 20, Bryant lines up wide left with Hall giving him a cushion and runs a 15-yard curl, with Tony Romo delivering the pass to his outside shoulder and away from the defender as Bryant turns around. Bryant catches the ball cleanly and fights for five extra yards after Hall hits him.

30-YARD GAIN: On third-and-21 from the Cowboys 30, Bryant lines up wide right and runs a smoke route with an all-out blitz coming and Hall playing soft man coverage, then freelances as Romo scrambles toward his right. After Romo points downfield, Bryant takes off and bends his route inside when Hall turns his hips toward the sideline. Romo lofts the pass toward the middle of the field. Bryant catches it in stride a couple of yards short of the sticks and turns upfield for the first down. He gains 10 yards after the catch, plus Hall is flagged for 15 more for grabbing Bryant’s facemask as he drags him down. The play sets up the game-winning field goal.