Rabid Reaction: Cowboys need to get Randy Moss

Rabid Reaction: Our series of knee-jerk-styled, emotional overreactions from Ben Rogers of 103.3 FM ESPN's Ben and Skin Show. He's known to get way too excited over even the slightest of developments with the teams he grew up with in the DFW. Proceed with caution ...

Yes, the Cowboys need to sign Randy Moss. Forget about the massive, dangerously explosive drama canister he’ll wheel in when he arrives. Forget about the fact that he’s old enough to be Tyron Smith's grandfather. The bottom line is that the Jerry Jones needs Randy more than Randy needs Jerry.

Outside of Miles Austin, Cowboys receivers have little to no experience.

Watching the Austin-less Cowboys pass-catching youngsters break from the huddle like lost toddlers in a mall parking lot was difficult to stomach. They inexplicably broke off routes. They stopped at exactly the wrong time right smack dab in the middle of others. They failed to recognize coverages correctly. They failed to read hot routes correctly.

The saving grace for the receivers against the Skins was Tony Romo's sandlot style scramble-and-point mini-Hail Mary throw to Dez Bryant on third-and-21. If you're comfortable with that type of "you’re the twig, I'm the rock, follow my finger for your route" play-calling as the backbone of the offense moving forward, then don’t go get an experienced wide receiver off his couch.

I felt like I was watching a bunch of Drivers Ed students trying to win Daytona. Romo can’t be a quarterback and a mom simultaneously. You may not like Moss and what he stands for, but you should respect the fact that he’s the best of the rest available. And I expect Austin's hammy to cause problems all year.

Jerry, go get Randy. You screwed that up one other time. Don’t do it again.