Garrett: Cowboys should have run more vs. Lions

IRVING, Texas -- Jason Garrett agrees with a lot of armchair offensive coordinators about one thing: The Cowboys should have run the ball more in the second half Sunday.

That’s a pretty easy conclusion to reach after the Cowboys blew a 24-point lead in the loss to the Lions.

Tony Romo’s turnover trouble was the primary reason for the loss. He threw three interceptions, including a pair of pick-sixes. But it’s reasonable to wonder why the Cowboys didn’t run the ball on any of those plays: a first-and-10 from the Dallas 27 while leading by 24, a third-and-2 from the Detroit 48 while leading by 17 and a first-and-10 from the Dallas 20 while leading by six.

After taking the 24-point lead early in the third quarter, the Cowboys ran the ball 11 times and threw it 12 times. They had 27 carries for 113 yards in the game.

“Should we have run it more?” Garrett said, repeating a question. “Yeah, in hindsight some of the plays that went the other way, you say, ‘Boy I wish I had run it there.’

“But you always have to call the game. We got out to an early lead in the game. We came out in the second half and scored another touchdown and with 25 minutes to go in the game you don’t want to say, ‘Let’s just run it three times and punt it.’ You still want to play football.

“You still want to make sure you give the quarterback a lot of good answers to be smart with the football in everything that you do call and allow him to make the decisions. And unfortunately, a few of those decisions went the wrong way and they made the plays and we didn’t.”