Jason Garrett not moved by rivals' losses

IRVING, Texas -- Cowboys fans might have liked what happened during the bye week with Philadelphia and the New York Giants losing. Some of the players, assistant coaches, front office staff and other personnel might have liked it too.

But Jason Garrett was not swayed one way or the other when it came to seeing the NFC East rivals lose.

“I think the biggest thing we try to do every day, but particularly this early in the season is worry about ourselves and what we’re doing,” Garrett said. “I think sometimes people get caught up in OK, they won, they lost, that’s good for us, that’s bad for us. Really what we have to worry about is the Dallas Cowboys and being our best every day.”

Yeah, but there has to be some sort of charge, no?

“Again, we’re focused on ourselves and we’re trying to come in and have a good practice today,” Garrett said. “We have many challenges ahead. We have 12 more football games to play. It’s a lifetime, as you know. We’re going to focus on being as good as we can be each day and hopefully get ourselves ready to play the Patriots.”