Jason Garrett's role in Wes Welker's rise

IRVING, Texas -- Jason Garrett was a teammate of Wes Welker’s in Miami and also an assistant coach for two years when Welker was just revving up with the Dolphins.

Garrett is not surprised to see what Welker has become in New England and now he has to hope his defense can stop the NFL’s leading receiver, who has 45 catches for 740 yards and five scores in five games, on Sunday.

“You should watch Wes Welker in practice,” Garrett said. “And I think anybody, if you came from Mars and never saw football before, you’d say, ‘Wow, who is that guy?’ Because he is 100 miles per hour for every minute of every day. And his success is not by accident. He is a very talented player. Because he is small doesn’t mean he’s not talented. He is talented. He’s quick. He’s fast. He understands the game but he is a relentless competitor. And he’s, maybe as much as anybody I have been around, he’s able to take that tempo in how he practices to the game field.”

Welker credited his work with Garrett on Miami’s scout team as a big part of his success.

“His last year in Miami he was the scout team quarterback, I was the scout team receiver and then becoming a coach he always instilled a lot of confidence in us,” Welker said. “I remember one time I sat there and told him, ‘Jason, I think I can get them on this or that route or whatever and he said ‘Wes, you know what, you can get them on any route. It’s just great to hear that confidence from a coach and that edge. In my mind I thought, ‘You’re right.’”