DeMarcus Ware is getting single coverage

IRVING -- One of the big surprises of the 2011 season is DeMarcus Ware getting single coverage on passing plays. In years past, Ware, who has led the NFL in sacks in 2008 and 2010, was getting double-team by defenders.

Sometimes Ware would get chipped by a tight end who is headed into a passing route.

But defensive coordinator Rob Ryan has Ware moving around the line of scrimmage, limiting the amount of times offensive linemen can double Ware.

"I have faced a lot of one on ones," said Ware, who has five sacks in 2011, tied for fourth in the league. "I will be on the left and the cornerback would be on the right, the running back would have to pick him up. It creates a lot of one-on-ones which I like."

It hasn't been determined how the New England Patriots, whom the Cowboys play Sunday, will defend Ware. It's clear Patriots coach Bill Belichick respects Ware. During a conference call with reporters on Wednesday Belichick compared Ware to former New York Giants great and Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor.

"That's a pretty big thing to say, something like that, especially that's a guy I idolized and try to play like him," Ware said. "It's something I need to strive for."

In his career, Ware has just one sack against the Patriots, coming in a loss in the 2007 season.

"They are fundamentally sound they don't make any mistakes," Ware said. "When you're talking about the Patriots, they're a team. When you look at the game, they don't makes mistakes like turnovers, throw many interceptions, they're always doing everything right. So you got to find ways to take them off kilter. On defense, you gotta be able to make them one dimensional and you gotta be able to stop their timing in the passing game."