Tony Romo not thinking about shootout

IRVING, Texas -- New England has scored 30 or more points in its last 13 games and will tie an NFL record if it reaches 30 against the Cowboys on Sunday.

The Cowboys have scored 30 points in just one of the last 18 regular-season games in which Tony Romo has started and finished and that came in the 34-30 loss on Oct. 2 to Detroit.

Romo said he will not go into Sunday’s game thinking he will have to outgun Tom Brady.

“We have to execute on each play, what gives us the best chance to move the ball on a specific play,” Romo said. “That’s the only thing you can think of as a quarterback. If I go in trying to battle another team’s offense, then you’re doing stuff wrong. You’re going to get in trouble. For me, it’s strictly about going out there and executing each play and what gives us the best chance on that play going forward.”

Romo has wins against Indianapolis’ Peyton Manning when the Colts were unbeaten in 2006 and Brett Favre when the Packers were fighting the Cowboys for homefield advantage in the NFC in 2007.

“I just think you have a lot of respect for his ability and the way he plays the game,” Romo said. “It’s a great challenge for not only myself, but our football team. I’m not going out there to do anything different other than help this football team win. We’ll see what that entails during the game, but it will be a great challenge when you go against a guy like him or a coach like that and a defense like the one we’re going against. It’s fun, it’s exciting. If you’re a competitive guy in any way, shape or form you enjoy these football games.”