Aggressive Tony Romo: 'No one wants to be average'

IRVING, Texas – You don’t have to worry about Tony Romo overreacting to a handful of critical turnovers.

Romo doesn’t plan to throw caution to the wind – or the football to the opposing defense – but he has no intentions to tone down his aggressive style. Nor does his head coach want Romo to play it safe, at least not most of the time.

“You have to be aggressive,” Jason Garrett said. “If you’re not aggressive, you’re not going to be a very good quarterback in this league.”

Added Romo: “If you don’t pull the trigger, you’re going to be average and no one wants to be average. And we’re not going to be around here.”

Romo and Garrett both readily acknowledge, however, that Romo must do a better job of protecting the ball than he has while the Cowboys blew big leads during their two losses.

The trick is figuring out how to do that without sacrificing the playmaking ability that has made Romo a three-time Pro Bowler. And that will be the case as long as Romo is the franchise quarterback.

Which isn’t unique to Romo by any stretch, according to Garrett.

“Every quarterback I’ve ever seen or ever been around, the best ones that ever played, have that challenge until the last snap that they ever take,” Garrett said.

The Cowboys can’t have Romo acting like a wild gunslinger all the time. But the bus driver role, to borrow a Bill Parcells term, doesn’t fit Romo well.

“If you’re going to be a manager, your team is only going to be so good,” Romo said. “There are certain situations where you have to manage the game. I’m saying that there’s also a reason how you can get up by 24 points, too.”

True, but there’s no excuse for blowing a 24-point lead. Sometimes the Cowboys just need an average quarterback.