Tom Brady: Cowboys 'made us earn it'

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Maybe Tom Brady was being magnanimous after New England’s 20-16 victory Sunday at Gillette Stadium, but the Patriots quarterback said positive things about the Cowboys’ defense.

“I think what they do is make you earn every yard,” Brady said. “It’s not like there are a bunch of gimme throws out there or gimme routes or gimme calls from the sideline. There are a lot of different things and they have a lot of good players that can execute it. Some good linebackers, a line that really rushes no matter how many guys – three guys, five guys – and some guys even cover. It’s a good defense and they really made us earn it.”

The last time the Patriots were held below 30 points came in their last game against a Rob Ryan defense when they scored 14 points last year. Brady was held 86 yards below his per-game passing average and he was sacked three times. Only the New York Jets (four) put him on the ground more this year.