No conspiracy on Dez Bryant

IRVING -- Dez Bryant hasn't had a catch in the second half of three games this season, including the last two.

On the year, the wide receiver has 14 catches for 249 yards with three touchdowns.

In the second half of games, Bryant has just two catches for 50 yards and no touchdowns. He also has no catches in the last two minutes of any half.

What gives?

Bryant is a dynamic player who the Cowboys view as a threat in the passing game.

"There isn't any conspiracy going first of all that we haven't gotten him the ball as much as we liked too or as much as he probably liked for us too," wide receivers coach Jimmy Robinson said after Thursday's practice. "This is the way it is in the National Football League quite honestly. Some weeks you get it a lot and some weeks not as much sometimes it comes early, sometimes it comes late. It doesn't always come steady throughout the whole game. Sometimes it doesn't come at all. And if you're a receiver in the National Football League you realize that sometimes it rains and sometimes it pours and sometimes there's a drought. It's just the way it goes."

Bryant didn't speak with reporters on Thursday, however, he was asked after the loss to the New England Patriots did the defense prevent him from getting any catches on Sunday. Bryant said no.

The return of Miles Austin should open the door for Bryant to get some catches because it takes defenders away from the second-year receiver. Bryant is getting single coverage yet not getting the ball.

Quarterback Tony Romo said he believes in Bryant and said described it as "great. A great feel for the game."

Romo said defenses dictate what he can do to take care of any of his receivers and mentioned Miles Austin and Jason Witten in that regard.

The bottom line is Bryant needs to get the ball and the Cowboys understand that.

"I think teams do what they do most of the time," said Robinson, who noted defenses are not preventing Bryant from getting the ball. "If it happens that they're coverage doubles him sometimes, then I don't really, honestly see an awful lot where they're trying to do something to Dez and not to someone else, I think we have too many weapons for them to try and do that."