Dez Bryant stands by 'unbeatable' statement

ARLINGTON, Texas – Dez Bryant is well aware of the fact that the Cowboys have a .500 record. Yet he stands by his statement from last week that the Cowboys are “unbeatable.”

Bryant knows that his comment led to a lot of jokes and laughs, which didn’t exactly bring a smile to his face. However, he’s adamant that the Cowboys have three losses because of their own mistakes, not because they played better teams.

“I feel like we have great potential when we’re on our game,” Bryant said after Sunday’s rout of the Rams. “When we’re on our game, I honestly do feel like we can’t be beat. I do feel that way. But when we make mistakes, anything can happen.

“We’re a great football team. We know that. We didn’t get down on those three losses. We knew that we could have won those games. We’ve got to come back to work each and every day and get better and learn from our mistakes, and I think we’re doing a great job of that.”

There’s a fine line between confidence and cockiness, but Bryant doesn’t care whether you think he’s in bounds. He believes the Cowboys are unbeatable if they don’t give away games and will keep on saying it.