Tashard Choice upset about fumble

IRVING, Texas -- It appears DeMarco Murray is the new starting running back for the Cowboys, at least until Felix Jones comes back from a high ankle sprain.

Tashard Choice, the No. 2/3 back for the Cowboys, has accepted his role as the third-down back, but he's not upset about that. He's disappointed in a third-quarter fumble in which he injured his right shoulder.

"It's on me," Choice said of the fumble. "I can't fumble. I don't get that many opportunities and I had one bad play. It's frustrating for me because I know opportunities are limited."

Choice suffered what the team's medical staff calls a subluxation, a partial dislocation of a joint in his shoulder. Choice said he's played with something like this before and it shouldn't keep him out of this week's game at Philadelphia.

"When you do that it hurts," Choice said of the shoulder. "It's nothing I ain't played with before."

Choice's fumble and lack of playing time prompted several of his NFL friends to reach out to him. Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson and former Cowboys running back and current Chicago Bear Marion Barber sent out text messages to Choice.

"I am livid," Choice said. "I take it all: The good and the bad, and keep pushing. I'm really fighting for my team."