Key stat: Big play barrage hurts Cowboys

PHILADELPHIA - The Cowboys allowed just five runs of more than 10 yards in the season's first six games, which was the fewest in the NFL. Philadelphia had five after 12 plays Sunday night.

That's pretty much all you needed to know about the defense's raggedy performance in its 34-7 loss to the Eagles.

Michael Vick had runs of 11 and 15 yards, while LeSean McCoy ripped off runs of 21, 11 and 34 yards against a defensive unit that never figured out how to stop the Eagles. Philadelphia added only two more runs of 10 yards or more the rest of the game, but it didn't matter because the tone had already been set.

The Eagles also had five completions of 20 yards or more against a defense that had yielded just 19 in the first six games.

The Cowboys played their safeties so deep to stop Philadelphia's big-play attack that the Eagles resorted to intermediate routes that allowed their receivers to run after the catch.