Stock Report: Sinking feeling for Rob Ryan

PHILADELPHIA -- After a late night at The Linc, the Cowboys limp home after a 34-7 beating at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles. As always, we look at who played well and who didn't in our weekly Stock Report:

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DeMarco Murray. It's hard to repeat a 253 rushing yard performance, but Murray wasn't the reason the Cowboys struggled on Sunday night. He carried just eight times, but for a nifty 74 yards. He did a nice job in finding the holes for some good yards, but at a certain point the Cowboys need to pass.

DeMarcus Ware. A career-high four sacks for the outside linebacker but it came in a loss. He tied a NFL record going five consecutive road games with a multiple sack game. Ware said Michael Vick would be the fastest quarterback he chased all season and he was right. But Ware did his job.

Laurent Robinson. He was the only wide receiver that seemed to get open on Sunday night. Robinson was targeted eight times and caught five passes for 103 yards with a 70-yard touchdown. When you have Miles Austin and Dez Bryant in the passing game you have to achieve more with your offense, but Robinson was the best the Cowboys had Sunday night.


Run defense. Missing Sean Lee hurt in someways, but LeSean McCoy rushed for 185 yards on 30 carries with two touchdowns. The Eagles offensive line mashed the Cowboys front seven and there were too many missed tackles by this defense. As a team, the Eagles averaged 6.3 yards per carry and if you take away Vick's numbers, McCoy averaged 6.2 yards per carry. That's not acceptable.

Rob Ryan. The Cowboys defensive coordinator said to put this poor defensive effort on him. Sure. Ryan's scheme was pulled apart by Andy Reid's offense, especially on the ground. For the game, Ryan's defense allowed 495 total offensive yards. He lost two defensive players, Mike Jenkins (hamstring) and Lee (wrist), yet the Cowboys still had some solid players on the field. Run blitzes didn't work and the pass rush, despite four sacks from Ware, just didn't show up on a consistent basis.

Jason Garrett. His offense was bad on Sunday. For some reason Dez Bryant couldn't get the ball in the early going and the pass protection failed to take care of Tony Romo. Miles Austin also went missing. Garrett has seen better days. He said his team played hard, which is fine but they didn't seem prepared.