What's worse: Nail biter or a blowout?

IRVING, Texas -- The Cowboys have picked some inventive ways to lose games this year.

They lost to the New York Jets on a Nick Folk field goal with 27 seconds to play after a Tony Romo interception. They saw a 24-point lead evaporate against Detroit in Week 3. They saw Tom Brady direct an 80-yard drive for the game-winning touchdown pass with 22 seconds left for New England.

And on Sunday they were obliterated from the opening kickoff at Philadelphia, 34-7.

So which type of defeat is worse, the nail biter or the blowout?

“I treat a loss as a loss,” cornerback Mike Jenkins said. “This situation, it’s a pride thing. We stake so much pride on our defense and it just kind of got out of hand for us. We flat out got beat. We never want games like that.”

But now that they’ve had one, the Cowboys will have to turn their attention to Seattle. Just not too quickly, according to tight end Jason Witten.

“It’s easy to move on but we’ve got to learn from it,” Witten said. “We can’t say that’s behind us. We’ve got to learn from it. I think we will. I think this team is made of the right stuff.”