Jerry Jones: 'I like the way our guys competed'

All certainly isn’t well after the Eagles whipped the Cowboys, but Jerry Jones isn’t worried.

The Cowboys’ owner/general manager made that clear Sunday night. He reiterated that stance during his regular Tuesday radio appearance.

“I like the way our guys competed,” Jones said on KRLD-FM when asked why he wasn’t concerned with the blowout loss.

Jones elaborated to praise the Eagles for not giving the Cowboys a chance to get back in the game by making mistakes. He said he looked forward to the Cowboys getting a “chance to redeem ourselves” in the Christmas Eve rematch with their NFC East rivals.

Then he got a little testy -– and a lot confusing -- when asked how he couldn’t be worried after such a lopsided loss.

“I think we’ll go right back. We just have to do that,” Jones said after snapping that he’d just spent 10 minutes explaining why he wasn’t concerned. “In my life, I’ve stuck my head in the sand and not recognized and dwelled on the situation, because if you do, you’ll become the situation. I just want us to move on past this one.”

Jones still sees the 3-4 Cowboys as potential Super Bowl contenders. That’s the way he’ll think as long as Tony Romo remains healthy.

“In my perspective, when we have a quarterback that’s healthy -- Romo -- that can play at the level that I believe he can play at, then I don’t think you ought to lower your expectations,” Jones said when asked if fans should have championship expectations this season or understand that the Cowboys are in a rebuilding process. “I think you’ve got an opportunity to have a good team. Consequently, when I look at the makeup of our team, that’s why I don’t want to – and fans shouldn’t either – dwell on this game.

“Philadelphia is a good team. They are a good team right now. It was maybe an aberration that they started off like they did. But good teams don’t always win the Super Bowl. That gives everyone else a chance, too. We caught them right. They played well. We didn’t play well at all. Let’s look and see what’s down the road for us.”