Five-star: DeMarcus Ware will feast Sunday

Five-star question: Will DeMarcus Ware get the 2.5 sacks he needs to tie Jim Jeffcoat (94.5) for "officially" the most in franchise history?

As bad as the Seahawks' offense has been this season, whether DeMarcus Ware gets his sacks is really much more about the Cowboys' offense.

If they can get off to a good start - what a novel concept - and force the Seahawks to play from behind and become one-dimensional, then there's no doubt Ware will get 2.5 sacks.

Or more.


It helps that Seattle has allowed 28 sacks this season, most in the NFL. The problem for Seattle is that Ware has adopted so well to defensive coordinator Rob Ryan's scheme. Ryan uses him liberally on either side of the formation, and Ware has the option to change things on his own from time to time.

Add the fact that he can speed rush and power rush with equal effectiveness, and it should surprise no one that he has 12 sacks after just seven games.

That total should swell against the offensively-challenged Seahawks.