Five-star: Right side paves way to record

Five-star question: Will DeMarcus Ware get the 2.5 sacks he needs to tie Jim Jeffcoat (94.5) for "officially" the most in franchise history?

Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware will break the club's all-time career sack record against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

The Seahawks aren't at offensive tackle with Russell Okung and James Carpenter, but Ware has played against better this season and has still managed to get sacks. I feel that will be no different this week.

At left tackle, Okung is athletic enough to stay in front of Ware -- plus he plays with some power in his punch. The right side is where Ware should be able to get his pressure. That'd be against Carpenter, the rookie from Alabama, who has some talent but he doesn’t move as well as Okung.

The Seahawks like to keep a tight end to help block when they can, and they mainly do it on Carpenter's side so there could be some rough plays to that side when he rushes. With that being said, I still feel Ware, when he does get that one-on-one match up, will be able to take advantage of the rookie, who hasn't faced the type of pass rush moves and skill that Ware brings to the table.

The key for the Cowboys this week is to build an early lead and force the Seahawks into a passing game. If the Cowboys can do that, you'll see the Seahawks struggle because rookie right guard John Moffitt will also struggle to effectively protect.