Opposing voice: David Hawthorne

IRVING, Texas -- David Hawthorne went to Seattle from TCU as an undrafted free agent just hoping to make the team. He ended up being the team’s leading tackler the last two seasons and leads it again this season with 46 stops.

“Definitely a blessing, that’s how I look at it,” the Seahawks middle linebacker said. “It’s a tribute to just hard work. You see a lot of guys in my position that go to work with a hard-hat mentality and good things happen for them. I’ve never been one of those guys who just felt sorry for myself if things didn’t go picture perfect for me. I felt like I came to work and I’m glad to see it all pay off.”

Hawthorne has picked a good time to play well. He is scheduled to be a free agent after the season. Not that he is thinking about it that much.

“I think you go out there with the mindset that you want to get better from the year before and that will lead you to what you want in the end,” Hawthorne said.

Hawthorne credits his position coach, Ken Norton Jr., the former Cowboy, for some of his development.

“He’s helped a lot from every aspect from a coach and just feeding us some knowledge of when he played and some of the things that led to the success he had,” Hawthorne said. “He’s been on both ends of the spectrum. He just gives it all to use … When he says it it’s not coming from a guy who read a book. It’s a guy who lived it and played it.”