Dez Bryant explains a bad play

ARLINGTON -- Dez Bryant made a critical mistake in the first quarter on a punt return.

Bryant fielded a punt at the Cowboys 6 but should have let it drop and bounce into the end zone.

After catching the punt, Bryant tried to find some room and was tackled for a 4-yard loss.

"To tell the truth, I got lost [and] I didn’t recognize where I was on the field," said Bryant, who fielded two punts for just 2 yards Sunday. "When I caught the ball I was like damn, I'm almost in the end zone. I tried to make something happen but I didn’t. A bad play."

The day wasn't all bad for Bryant, who finished with four catches for 76 yards. He did have a 39-yard reception but for the fourth time this season had zero catches in the second half.

Bryant was targeted nine times, some with the Cowboys trying to get the ball deep down the field, something that was missing the last few weeks.

In the second quarter, Bryant fumbled for the first time in 2011 when he was nearing the end zone for a potential touchdown after catching a short pass and got hit high by cornerback Richard Sherman, who forced the ball to pop loose. It went down as a 23-yard reception. It appeared Bryant's leg was down at the point of contact, but after a challenge by the Cowboys, the replay confirmed the ruling on the field.

"A good shot," Bryant said. "He made a great play, and what caused the fumble is when I got tripped up I was kinda loose with my body. I felt loose and the cornerback came down and put a shot on me."