Chris Jones fills in for Mat McBriar

ARLINGTON, Texas -- A nerve issue that affected his left foot kept Mat McBriar from punting Sunday against Seattle, but rookie Chris Jones was able to hold down the fort.

Jones averaged 43 yards on four punts and return man Leon Washington did not have a yard.

“The emphasized a lot this week that Leon Washington was a dangerous returner,” Jones said. “For them to play their assignments I had to give the cover team a good ball to get down there, hang it high and put it in good position. It didn’t change my mindset as far as what I had to do. It was more of a challenge to see if I can hold them to no return yards or negative or something small.”

Jones was called up from the active roster Saturday after joining the practice squad last week. His equipment made it to Philadelphia last week even if he didn’t.

His first punt was a 52-yarder that forced a fair catch.

“Even if you’re a veteran guy it’s always good to start your game that way,” Jones said.