Detailing Dez Bryant: Week 9

Our weekly throw-by-throw look at Dez Bryant's development:

39-YARD GAIN: On first-and-10 from the Dallas 30, Bryant lines up wide left and runs a stop-and-go route down the sideline, getting separation when cornerback Brandon Browner bit on the hesitation just before the sticks. Tony Romo threw a perfect pass that Bryant caught moments before safety Kam Chancellor arrived. Browner lined up in press coverage but didn’t jam Bryant, giving the receiver a free release.

INCOMPLETE: On first-and-10 from the Dallas 12, Bryant lines up to the left of the I formation and runs an intermediate crossing route through zone coverage. Romo’s throw was well behind Bryant. It appeared to be a miscommunication, with Romo expecting Bryant to stop in a soft spot of the zone.

10-YARD GAIN: On third-and-6 from the Dallas 16, Bryant lines up in the right slot and runs a quick slant. It’s an easy pitch and catch with cornerback Roy Lewis, who made the tackle immediately after the catch, giving Bryant a big cushion.

23-YARD GAIN AND FUMBLE: On third-and-4 from the Seattle 24, Bryant lines up wide left and runs a slant against Browner, who plays press coverage but doesn’t jam Bryant. Bryant has a chance to score after Romo hits him in stride at the 12, but he fails to protect the ball while trying to stiff-arm safety Earl Thomas at the 1. Thomas makes the tackle, and the cornerback Richard Sherman delivers a hard hit from the other side to knock the ball loose. The Seahawks recover.

7-YARD GAIN: On second-and-10 from the Dallas 42, Bryant lines up wide left and runs a comeback route against Browner, who plays off coverage. Bryant catches the ball, fights off Browner and gets pushed out of bounds by a linebacker to stop the clock with 27 seconds remaining in the first half.

INCOMPLETE: On third-and-3 from the Dallas 49, Bryant lines up wide left and runs a fade route after appearing to have no clue what to do. Bryant, who was trying to signal to Romo before the snap, hesitated for a second after the ball was snap, ruining the timing of the play. Browner jammed him and maintained inside leverage. Bryant didn’t have a chance to make a play on the ball, killing the Cowboys’ two-minute drill.

INCOMPLETE: On first-and-10 from the Dallas 31, Bryant lines up wide right and runs a slant-and-go. Sherman doesn’t bite on the slant fake and blankets Bryant, almost intercepting the pass.

INCOMPLETE: On second-and-7 from the Seattle 24, Bryant lines up wide left and runs a comeback against off coverage by Sherman. Romo’s throw sails high and out of bounds.

INCOMPLETE: On third-and-7 from the Seattle 24, Bryant lines up wide left and runs a slant. He struggles to get off the jam by Browner and isn’t ready to catch a Romo bullet thrown a bit below the waist.