Sean Lee: I'll try to use club to my advantage

IRVING, Texas – Inside linebacker Sean Lee couldn’t have been much more pleased with Wednesday’s practice, considering that he wore a club on his left hand.

Lee said he felt less pain than he anticipated and was more functional with his left arm and hand than expected in his first practice since dislocating his left wrist in the loss to the Eagles. He’s confident that he can play with the cast and even use it to his advantage.

“I’m going to make sure I put a lot of stick-‘em on the cast,” Lee said when asked about adding to his team-high total of three interceptions.

That was a joke, but Lee is completely serious when he says he thinks he can be effective despite not being able to use the fingers on his left hand. He hopes that he’ll be able to wear less restrictive casts as the injury continues to heal. For now, the biggest issue will be finding ways to get off of blocks without being able to grab cloth with that hand, but Lee intends to find ways to use the club.

“I kind of was asking what the rules are with it,” Lee said. “Can you hit? If you hit people in the facemask, are you going to get penalties for hit? I’m definitely going to try to use it to my advantage.”

Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan considers hand usage to be one of Lee’s biggest strengths. Playing with the club on one hands places a bigger emphasis on playing with power and quickness.

“I’m still going to have my right hand,” Lee said. “It starts with the punch. It starts with good pad level. It starts with using your facemask, using your hips, using your punch to shock a blocker. Then after that is where being able to shed, that’s the key. I really have to work on my right hand grip, work on pushing, knocking hands down after I shock the blocker to try to get off [blocks].

“I’ll find a way to get it done.”