Behind enemy lines: Scott Chandler

Ben and Skin go behind enemy lines with Buffalo Bills -- and former Cowboy -- tight end Scott Chandler as his team travels to Arlington to face the Cowboys on Sunday.

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On the emergence of the Bills this season:

Offensively we've got a bunch of guys who kind of came from similar situations as me. You know Fred Jackson was a Division III guy who played in the lowest arena leagues there was and he's out here killing it right now and we have [Ryan] Fitzpatrick who was a seventh-round draft pick, got passed around a little bit between teams and just got to be the full-time starter this year and he's tearing it up. We're playing with a chip on our shoulder.

On how the Bills are prepping for the Cowboys' defense:

They've got great players. I know that first hand from going against them in practice the last couple years. They have two of the best rushers on the outside in the game in DeMarcus [Ware] and Anthony Spencer and you know Jay Ratliff is a beast in the middle. I just think we got to try and move them off the ball and when we create those mismatches in the passing game, take advantage of it.

Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey talks about his time with Cowboys, working with Jason Garrett, the game on Sunday and more.

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