Jerry Jones' thoughts: 'Detroit, Detroit, Detroit'

ARLINGTON, Texas – There aren’t many more optimistic people in the world than Jerry Jones, but he couldn’t keep the negative thoughts from creeping into his mind at halftime.

The Cowboys were close to flawless while building a 21-point lead over the Bills, but that caused Jones to flash back to an epic failure earlier this season.

“I know we all kept thinking Detroit, Detroit, Detroit,” Jones said, referring to the Oct. 2 home loss in which the Cowboys set an unfortunate franchise record by blowing a 24-point lead. “I saw us not help Buffalo do the kind of things that can create a Detroit, so I see gaining on it. I saw it in the play-calling. I saw it in the way our team performed. That’s good stuff. That makes me feel real good.”

The Cowboys weren’t spectacular after halftime. They didn’t have to be to roll to a rout over a respectable AFC foe.

Tony Romo threw for only 33 yards in the second half, but so what? The more important thing was that none of his passes ended up in the hands of Buffalo defenders.

It thrilled Jones to see the Cowboys ride DeMarco Murray and the defense down the stretch of a dominant, drama-free win.

“What I did see here was the result of the lessons of Detroit,” Jones said, “and that’s what really does feel good.”