Sean Lee expects to keep wearing club

IRVING, Texas – Inside linebacker Sean Lee showed up to Wednesday’s practice with a cast that left the fingers on his left hand free, but he still expects to wear a club-like cast Sunday.

Lee, who is playing despite a dislocated left wrist, said he was just trying out the lighter version of the cast in the early stage in practice. He got it taped up in club-like fashion before contact drills started.

“I was just trying to experiment and see how it felt, but we’re still working just with the club,” Lee said. “I’m hoping to get out of it, but I think I’ll still be wearing that. This is what I’m most comfortable with. I’m trying to work in practice to get better with it.”

Lee, who sat out the Nov. 6 win over the Seahawks, played relatively well with the club on his left arm in the blowout of the Bills. There was one missed tackle on which the inability to grab with his left hand appeared to be a problem, but he didn’t have too much trouble the rest of the game.

“It wasn’t too bad,” Lee said. “In certain situations, it was a little frustrating. It’s still something I’m working through, but I think I can be effective with it.”