Rob Ryan: Watch out for Anthony Spencer

IRVING, Texas – Outside linebacker Anthony Spencer has one sack in six games since he chased down Rex Grossman from behind and stripped the Redskins quarterback to seal the Cowboys’ Week 3 win.

Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan guarantees there are many more sacks to come from No. 93.

“You’re going to see a dynamic rusher,” Ryan said. “I think it’s going to show up this week. I really believe all his hard work is going to pay off. He’s going to jump off and everybody [will be] like, ‘Wow! Where did this production come from?’ Well, it’s coming and it’s coming fast.”

That’s a fairly bold claim based on 2007 first-round pick’s track record. Spencer has never had more than six sacks in a regular season.

Spencer has admitted “mailing it in” on occasion last season, but Ryan raves about his work ethic. Spencer has been working extra on pass rush, including sessions with former Cowboys Leon Lett and Charles Haley.

Ryan believes that’s reason for the Redskins to worry. He expects Spencer to go on a spree similar to the Cowboys’ 2009 playoff push, when he had six sacks in six weeks after getting shut out the first 10 games.

“You watch,” Ryan said. “This guy is going to be something, and he’s going to be something this week.”