Opposing voice: Matt Moore

IRVING, Texas -- Since the Cowboys decided to release Matt Moore in 2007, the quarterback has become something of a mythic figure in these parts.

The Cowboys gambled they could slip Moore through the practice squad, but he was claimed by Carolina. To some it was a monumental error because the Cowboys missed out on grooming a young quarterback. To others, it was just a gamble they lost.

Moore visits Cowboys Stadium today as Miami’s starter and currently rides a three-game winning streak for the Dolphins. On the season Moore has completed 119 of 187 passes for 1,319 yards with seven touchdowns and five interceptions. He has been sacked 19 times.

But he has stabilized the Dolphins after an 0-7 start.

“We were obviously struggling early on and I think guy’s attitudes have been great the whole time,” Moore said. “Whatever hump or wall that we were battling and couldn’t get over I think we have. Guys got a little taste of what it’s like to be rewarded with a couple wins and so I just think the attitude, the work ethic of this team, the leadership from Coach Sparano all the way down has been spot on the whole season. And so guys are just staying the course, staying focus, and really working hard.”

This will be the second start of Moore’s career against the Cowboys. In 2007 he made the second start of his career in a 20-13 loss for Carolina. He completed 15 of 28 passes for 182 yards and had one touchdown and one interception.

“That was my rookie year,” Moore said. “You know more things. I’ve played in a lot more games, seen so many more things of what the defense throws at you just being comfortable in a game. I think that was my second start of my career the last time we played Dallas. Just really having a good base of starts and reps and live game action. And so that’s going to be the biggest thing.”