Five-star: Dez Bryant works on earning trust

Five-star question: Why does Dez Bryant have only 11 second-half receptions this season?

Jason Garrett recently spoke about Laurent Robinson's ability to present himself as a target to Tony Romo during games. It's this ability by Robinson that allows Romo to feel comfortable throwing him the ball when the game is on the line or he needs a completion.

This is a trait that I have always known about Romo: If you are a receiver and you know what your responsibility is and you are carrying out that responsibility, he will find a way to get you the ball. Run poor routes, blow assignments ... he will find someone who is doing the right thing.

Romo trusts guys like Robinson, Witten and even Jesse Holley because they consistently do the right thing when it comes to running routes and being in positions to make plays.

What Bryant is having to learn -- and he is getting much better at his craft -- is that when you play receiver in this league, if the slant calls for you to run in at five to seven yards, you don't run it at three, then float inside. Knowing what to do is just as important as physically doing it.

There is so much more to being a receiver than just going vertical down the sidelines and catching the ball over your head. It's hard to watch Robinson or Miles Austin run routes on television but if you are at the game, watch how they are able to complete or finish the route. Again, Bryant is getting better at this but it's something that he needs to work on the entire game, not just in the first half.

Bryant needs to work on making himself more presentable to Romo as the game wears on and he will get more opportunities. In the overtime against the Redskins, he was able to do that and the results were a key play in the win. Bryant told the media last week that he picks up techniques from Robinson, who has the full confidence of Romo -- something Bryant is trying to gain too.