No carries for Felix Jones causes no issues

The last time Felix Jones didn't get a carry in a NFL game, it nearly caused congress to hold hearings into the validity of Jason Garrett's ability to coach in the NFL.

Jones got zero carries in a loss to Washington in 2008, his rookie season. This came after a six-carry, 76-yard, one-touchdown performance the previous week at Green Bay, which was a Cowboys win.

Thanksgiving Day, Jones got no carries, instead he got four kick returns and one pass thrown his way in the Cowboys victory over Miami.

It's strange but there was hardly a mention of Jones not getting any carries Thursday.

DeMarco Murray has turned into a solid, dependable running back for Garrett to use. Garrett called every running play for Murray and he finished with 22 carries for 87 yards and no touchdowns.

In a close game, it didn't seem as if the Cowboys missed giving the ball to Jones, especially late in the game when the team was trying to set up for a game-winning field goal. The Cowboys won it when Dan Bailey converted a 28-yarder as time expired.

"I think individual players need experience in critical clutch-type situations," Garrett said. "I think teams need to do that as well and it comes back to having confidence in those situations that we're going make the right play here."

We don't believe Garrett has lost confidence in Jones, but rather is sticking with the hot hand, which is Murray right now.