Stephen McGee: I feel like Mike Sherman is 11-1 coach

IRVING, Texas – Count Stephen McGee among the Aggies who don’t think Texas A&M made the right move by firing coach Mike Sherman.

The Aggies’ come-from-ahead loss to bitter rival Texas was apparently the last straw for Sherman, who was made the scapegoat for a regular season that began with BCS expectations and ended with a 6-6 record. The Aggies blew double-digit leads in five of their six losses, including the finale of their heated series with the Longhorns.

“I just feel like maybe it was a little unfair,” McGee said, emphasizing that Sherman prepares his team to play in close, late-game situations. “I know the record is 6-6. Aggies want to win. I do, too, and so does Coach Sherman. I just feel like he was an 11-1 football coach that had his team ready to play in a BCS game this year. I know it didn’t work out that way. I’m disappointed for him, because I know he’s a great football coach.”

The A&M administration has been criticized for their lack of communication with Sherman, who was informed of his firing while on a recruiting road trip. McGee chose his words carefully when asked whether Sherman deserved better.

“He’s done a lot for that program and he’s done everything the right way,” McGee said. “That’s for sure. There’s no debate about that. You can say whatever you want about the record, but you can’t say anything about the man. He’s a man of character and integrity. There’s no debate from anybody who’s been coached by him about that.

“You would hope a guy with that much class and that has done that much for the university, that they could handle it the right way. Whether they did or not, I’m not sure.”