DeMarcus Ware knows what's at stake

IRVING, Texas -- DeMarcus Ware leads the NFL with 15 sacks and is on pace to become the first player with two 20-sack seasons to his credit since sacks became an official stat in 1982.

But Ware understands he has to raise his level of play.

“That’s just a number,” Ware said of his sack total, “but I look at it like it’s the time of the season for us and me to make even more big plays – sack the quarterback, get turnovers, knock the ball out. Those big plays that you get, if you look at the defenses that get all of those turnover they’re the teams that are winning. That’s how we have to be and what I have to do.”

Ware has sacked New York Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning more times than any other quarterback in his career with nine. Donovan McNabb is second with 6.5 sacks.

Ware has a sack of Manning in six of his 12 meetings against New York. Only in 2008 did he record a sack in both meetings. The Giants have the sixth-best percentage of sacks per pass play in the NFL (21 in 463 attempts) so far this season, so Manning does not take a lot of sacks.

“When you look at a guy like Eli, he’s a really smart quarterback,” Ware said. “If you don’t disguise things or get in his head, he’ll kill you. He knows how to read coverage. He’s especially good at play action and stringing plays out. I think they’re one of the least sacked teams in the league and it comes from him getting the ball out. They block it up sometimes, but it’s more him.”