In this corner: Rob Ryan vs. Kevin Gilbride

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Whenever there is a Ryan or a Gilbride on the same field, you can bet people will be thinking of the day Buddy Ryan punched Kevin Gilbride during Houston’s game against the New York Jets on Jan. 2, 1994.

Tonight at Cowboys Stadium, Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan gets to go against Gilbride, now the offensive coordinator for the New York Giants.

“That thing was unfortunate,” Ryan said Friday. “The thing is, what’s good is dad never really landed. I’ve seen him throw a hell of a lot harder punches than that, believe me. You know? So that thing, hey I mean, it was unfortunate. I’m sure both guys would take it back if it had to happen all over again.”

Ryan is faced with the task of slowing down the NFL’s fourth-ranked passing game, led by quarterback Eli Manning and a plethora of wide receivers and underrated tight ends.

“They’re really committed to throwing the ball,” Ryan said. “I mean, Gilbride has always been a big guy that really wants to pass every down. I know they’ve run the ball and they’ve been a great running team but if he had his choice he’d throw it every down and they got a great quarterback to do it and excellent receivers, so we’ve got our hands full but we’re looking forward to this challenge. We’ve got great a plan that our guys are excited about.”