Shoulder is major problem for Mike Jenkins

IRVING, Texas – Nobody is questioning Mike Jenkins' toughness anymore.

He just wishes he didn’t have to prove it every week, but Jenkins knows he’ll play in pain the rest of the season.

Jenkins, who has twice been ripped for declining tackle opportunities on touchdowns in his career, has played with myriad injuries this season. He was sidelined for four games by a strained hamstring, but he has played through shoulder and knee injuries in the rest of the games.

His right shoulder is the problem at this point. He’ll wear a harness to protect it after it popped out in Sunday night’s loss to the Giants.

“I’m sure it’s going to pop out again,” said Jenkins, who has bounced back from a bad 2010 season by being the Cowboys’ best cornerback this year.

The severe pain isn’t Jenkins’ only problem, although he’s concerned about aggravating the injury. He can’t raise his right arm above his head, making it almost impossible to compete for high passes. It also affects his ability to jam a receiver while playing press coverage, which is Jenkins’ preferred style.

“I don’t care how much technique you have when you go through pain like that,” he said. “As a cornerback, this is everything I’ve got. I need it to re-route. I can’t catch with one hand.”

Jenkins said he will communicate with the coaches, indicating that he might need to take more plays off. The problem with that is the Cowboys would rather have a one-armed Jenkins on the field instead of a healthy Alan Ball.