Tony Romo doesn't feel added pressure without Murray

IRVING, Texas -- In some ways, the Cowboys’ offense will have to change at least some without DeMarco Murray in the lineup for the rest of the season.

Murray helped change the Cowboys’ season with his powerful running. Jason Garrett was more assertive with the running game, giving Murray at least 20 carries in five of the past eight games. Felix Jones will replace Murray, and he has only one 20-carry game in his career.

There will be more pressure on Tony Romo to carry the Cowboys offense, not that the quarterback is viewing the final three games in such a way.

“I just think you play each play the way it’s meant to be played,” Romo said. “If we throw it every single down, I have to read it out the same way. If we never throw it, I’ve got to do my job on that. Each play is separate. It’s not as if more or less is on it.”

Like Garrett, Romo is projecting a calm demeanor even as the Cowboys wade through a two-game losing streak that has seen them fall out of first place in the NFC East. Much has been made of Romo’s growth in leadership; he organized the offseason workouts at Southlake’s Dragon Stadium and has shown a more animated approach this season with his teammates during games and in practice.

“To be in a leadership role, whether you’re a coach or a quarterback or a veteran player, you understand that the game [of football] has adversity, has good times, and you’ve just got to keep coming back and keep getting better and keep letting the guys know that everything is still out in front of you,” Romo said. “You need to come back and play your best game. You need to be committed, and you need to go out and do it now. I think our team understands that and is ready to give a great effort and get on a roll.”