Quiet night for Mike Jenkins a good thing

TAMPA, Fla. -- Mike Jenkins played his college games for South Florida in Raymond James Stadium. He grew up in nearby Bradenton, Fla., and he needed more than 30 tickets for friends and family.

They saw the Cowboys win and Jenkins have a quiet game.

“I didn’t really get action,” said Jenkins, whose son, Mekhi, sat in his locker after the game. “I got one pass over there. Pretty easy day.”

And that was a good thing. Jenkins is playing with an injured right shoulder that requires a harness. In warm-ups he did not lift his right arm over his head.

“I was catching them with one hand,” Jenkins said. “Just staying safe. If I don’t have to use it, I don’t want to use it. It’s still healing, but at the same time I’m just being smart with it and myself.”