Impressive outing for Sammy Morris

TAMPA, Fla. -- In 16 games last year with New England, Sammy Morris had 56 yards on 20 carries.

In his first game with the Cowboys, less than a week after signing with the team, he had 53 yards rushing on 12 carries in the win at Tampa Bay.

From the couch to the closer. Morris’ 8-yard pickup on fourth-and-6 iced the game for the Cowboys.

“It’s actually hard to kind of put it into words,” Morris said. “I’ve been doing this a long time and I just tried to have the mindset that I hadn’t been out all those months and just approach the game as I always have. The last couple of years [in New England] I played with a lot of veteran running backs, Fred Taylor and Kevin Faulk. It’s kind of the same thing, hearing them talk about being a pro, coming out and doing your job and preparing as much as you can.”

Jason Garrett was a teammate of Morris’ in Miami in 2004 and was on the Dolphins staff for two years with Morris.

“For a guy who practiced three times in a new system to play the way he played tonight was an impressive performance,” Garrett said.