Tyron Smith up for the challenge

IRVING, Texas -- The last time Cowboys rookie right tackle Tyron Smith faced Eagles defensive end Jason Babin, there were two sacks allowed.

Babin also picked up four tackles in that Oct. 30 blowout victory for the Eagles.

Babin, who leads the NFL with 18 sacks, used a spin move in the first quarter to get past Smith. The second sack, on a fourth down in the fourth quarter, came from another spin move. But quarterback Tony Romo moved up in the pocket to avoid pressure up the middle and was caught by Babin.

"Just the type of guy I go up against this week he knows everything I do," Smith said. "He knows my mistakes and my issues I have to work on. Just basically have to work on this week."

Smith said he has to improve on his technique when it comes to dealing with players who spin into him to push the pocket.

When asked does Babin know everything he's working on, Smith said, "Not all of them. He knows what got me last game when we went up against each other. So just basically got to work on that to be prepared."

Based on the Eagles' coaches stats, Babin also leads the team with 40 quarterback hurries and three forced fumbles. Not only is left tackle Doug Free going to be challenged by Trent Cole, Smith will have a difficult task, too.

"Like a lot of really good rushers around the league they try to [block him] a lot of different ways," coach Jason Garrett said. "They try to block him with a tackle and try to put a tight end over there. You put a back over there and then two tight ends over there. They slide [blocking] to [his side] and slide it away from him. They do lots of different things; he’s an awfully good pass rusher."